Conference Presentations


  1. ABDULLAHI, I.N, CPE OMALIKO, and T. J AKOJA 2015. Pre-sowing treatment and growth media effects on Parkia biglobosa (jacq.) Benth conserved seeds. Agricultural Society of Nigeria. Delta State University, Nigeria. 9-13th Nov., 2015.
  2. OYERINDE, A.A., SALAKO, E.A., OLUSI, C.A., OLOWOOKERE, B.T. AND ABDULLAHI, I. N. 2014. Population Dynamics of species of Flea beetle on Okra (Abelmuscus esculentus (L) Moench) and its Impact on Production presented at the 45th ESN Conference held at the ETF Lecture Theatre, University of Abuja, 7th-10th October 2014
  3. ABDULLAHI, I.N, BARWA, A and ANIMASHAUN, Z. A 2014. Documentation on the propagation and utilization of Tacca leontopetaloides (l) kuntze (Polynesian-arrow root) in Kwali Area Council of Abuja, Nigeria. Horticultural Society of Nigeria Conference, Abeokuta, Nigeria. 19TH-23RD October, 2014
  4. ABDULLAHI, I.N and OMALIKO, C.P.E. 2013. The challenges of commercial propagation of trees in Nigeria. 4th Annual Biodiversity Conference. Nigerian Tropical Biology Association (NTBA). University of Lagos, Lagos, NIGERIA. 3-4th Sept., 2013.
  5. AKINYELE, A. O. and ABDULLAHI, I. N. 2012. In vitro propagation of Parkia biglobosa (jacq.) Benth using cotyledonary nodes. IUFRO-FORNESSA Regional congress & ITTO/AFF Forest Policy day “Forests and Trees: Serving the people of Africa and the world. NAIROBI, KENYA. 25-29th June, 2012.