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Detection of Antimicrobial Drug Residues in Commercial Eggs Using Premi® Test

By Omeiza Gabriel Kehinde, Kabir Junaidu, Mamman Mohammed, and Adeiza Musa Abdulrahman Journal Articles pdf

Appraisal of NDV4 thermo-stable Per-os vaccination amongst free-ranged local poultry keepers in Adamawa state, North-eastern Nigeria

By Nafarnda, W. D., Baraya, J. H., Olabode, H. O. K., Simon, M. K., Obudu C. E., and Gabriel, K. O. Journal Articles pdf

Antimicrobial Screening of Commercial Eggs and Determination of Tetracycline Residue using Two Microbiological Methods

By Fagbamila Idowu, Kabir Junaid, Abdu Paul, Omeiza Gabriel, Ankeli Paul, and Ngulukun Sati Journal Articles pdf